In our store we keep a range of parts we commonly use, we have a large range of suppliers for all types of parts for tractors, machinery and plant.

  • Opus oils

  • Large section of hydraulic fitting and hose 

  • Tractor and ATV tyre tubes and valves

  • ATV tyres   (tractor tyres are ordered)

  • PTO guards

  • Universal joints

  • Loader tines and bushes

  • Weld on euro 8 brackets

  • Linkage pins and balls

  • Trailer brake valves, rams and return springs

  • Work lights, becons and trailer lights

  • Ivor Williams trailer brake part

Please view Sparex and ATV City web pages for parts you need.

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In the work shop we have a good range of tools to help us get your machine up and running again.

  • ATV Lift
  • mobile column lifts x 6
  • tyre machine & wheel balancer 
  • tractor tyre fitting (mobile)
  • high pressur parts washer
  • air con tools (mobile)
  • hydraulic pipe swagger (mobile) 
  • hydraulic flow & pressure testing kits
  • Massey Ferguson diagnostics 
  • metal working tools
  • metal lath
  • welders
  • band saw
  • shot blasting
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